Coward's Silence E​.​P.

by Out Of Spite (Oakland)



released June 2, 2011



all rights reserved


Out Of Spite (Oakland) Oakland, California

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Track Name: Morning Break
Alcohol or Benadryl is what i have to take
I wish I could be around to see the morning break
i get so fucking anxious so i grab another beer
i stay up all night once again the morning break is here

morning break

you say im always cynical, its sad im always right
still drunk and depressed at the first morning light
body full of stimulants, exactly what i need, give me adderall dexadrine, until my eyes bleed

until my eyes..... bleed

body convulses, just cant wait, take another drag
heart pulses, just cant wait, reaction timing lags
trapped inside my mind, fuck this, im wasting time
cant seem to find, closure, body left behind
Track Name: Life Sucks (W.A.H.)
you think everything's excusable
life should be handed to you
i'm not walking on eggshells
don't have to pay cuz nothing's due
sorry about your shitty life
im not the one to blame
you take anyone in this crowd
and they've felt the same fucked up pain

im sorry
about your bad luck
but honestly
i dont really give a fuck

and you still hold onto that same old arrogance
and you've been bragging about your problems ever since

have fun making everyone mad
you've been blaming all your problems on your fucked up dad
one of these days it will catch up to you
and you'll have to own up to all the fucked up things you do

life sucks
wear a helmet

well its time to stand on your own
you've been begging for acceptance like a dog without a bone
I think its the shit way you're treating your friends
and you have to own up cuz its not up to them to defend you

you can hide in the protection of the bay
talking shit behind your back and being nice to your face
but one day your luck's gonna run dry
and all of your friendships dwindling into a fucking lie
Track Name: Mr.Liver Is Evil, He Must Be Destroyed
why should I give up?
when I never wanted to
I put myself out to die
in a bottle of wild eye

this is your liver
telling you to fucking quit
and ill kill you myself
rather then leave it up to someone else

no more, no more
they're forcing me to die
in gonna give up
no more, no more
this is the battly cry of mr. liver

this body of mine's been feeding me liquor and wine
all the time
never a break deteriorating to slime
its a crime
to be soo young, cant process the shit that i need
to survive
turning to bile: the skin and the whites of my eyes
and my mind
Track Name: 1170
self realization, its too late you refuse to fucking learn
you made your bed with gasoline and in it you will burn
stimulated, mind sedated, consuming your own
as your body turns to ash you all will die alone

pass time, pass time is your misery
pass time, pass time is degeneration
pass time, pass time is your razorblade
pass time, pass time will be your salvation....

inviting people over who threaten my fucking life
i can barely handle all the bullshit an the strife
diet of straight vodka driving everyone insane
fighting everyone around and not taking down their names
Track Name: Cat Killer?
I tried to be nice
I meant nothing by it
It's not my fault
I cant beleive, it just happened

She left for one day
and she gave me her cat
when I walked out the door
it was dead, rank, flat, oh

I started to panic
it got hit by a car
so i picked it up
and dug a hole in my back yard

now it's ghost is after me
I can hear it when I sleep
crying in terror oh my god
but it ran right by my feet
the cats not dead, but what the fuck
pet cemetary in my yard

I have to call her back and tell her, " your cats alive, and its not my fault"

well they looked just the same
wen you match up the bodies
"you know it drove me insane, but your cats not dead,
.....please don't break up with me....."